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At the most extreme end of the sidespin spectrum might have been Istvan Jonyer of Hungary, the 1975 World Men’s Singles Champion. He often looped with almost pure sidespin, dropping his racket tip down so as to contact the ball of the far side of the ball and hooking it onto the table. It was his ability to loop around the net, so the ball would often just roll on the table, that caused the ITTF to add the rule that the net must extend six inches past the table. Otherwise, players like Jonyer could take nearly any ball on their forehand side and go around the net. Here are the results of the New York City Open held this past weekend.

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Joannou & Paraskevaides was one of the main contractors involved in the development of Sharara field. Akakus Oil Operations has a tank farm comprising nine floating roof oil storage tanks of 300,000 barrels capacity each at Zawiya. The 723km-long, 30in-diameter oil pipeline from Sharara field to Zawiya started operation in 1998. The pipeline is divided into two sections including a 340km-long section from the Sharara field to the Hamada Sharara Video field and a 383km-long section from the Hamada field to Zawiya. The 120,000bpd Zawiya refinery was shut down due to closure of the pipeline supplying crude oil from Sharara field to the refinery in February 2020.


Enjoy them in high definition on your HD TV, iPad, IPhone, Samsung and other devices. Download annotations and subtitles along with YouTube videos. Save them in SRT format, select from over 50 languages. Get subtitles from not just a single video, but an entire YouTube playlist or even channel. See a list of popular and recommended apps for download. Other than a lack of support for video downloading, Google nailed it with the YouTube app.

With chandelier earrings, layered necklaces, bold red lips and a neat ponytail, Radhika completed the look. Isha Ambani is a huge fan of the ethnic ensemble, however, she gave the traditional ethnic six-yards a spin by wearing a gorgeous ivory and gold sharara saree for a wedding function at Antilia in Mumbai. The ensemble, by designer Anamika Khanna, combined the drape of a saree with the comfort of a sharara.

We Can’t Imagine Anyone Welcoming Spring Any More Stylishly Than Alia Bhatt In A Glorious Ethnic Outfit

Here’s my Tip of the Week on this – the rule, i.e. in general, against most players, for every attack to the backhand you should attack twice to the forehand and three times to the middle. Few follow this rule except at the elite level – and in some of those matches they don’t follow it because at that level the forehand counterloop is so strong that they have to go more to the backhand. We watched a video of our up-and-coming player where he lost to a player who had trouble when his forehand was attacked, but too often the first attack went to the backhand instead. We next watched videos of two players he/she might have to play, both among the best players in the country.

A contemporary gharara is worn with a short blouse or a bralette, to which you drape a dupatta like a saree pallu to complete the look. Root is in scintillating form since Sri Lanka and has now recorded three 180-plus scores in his last five Test innings. A must-have in this season’s festive wardrobe, a gharara can take you from a puja ceremony at home to an intimate wedding as a guest. Not to be confused with sharara which is basically a pair of wide legged pants with a lot of flares, ghararas are flared pants but fitted from the waist to the knees. Abhinav Mishra’s mirror sharara and kurta paired with a dupatta exemplify luxury in black.

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