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The idea is to learn Japanese in your spare time wherever you have an internet connection, right from your phone. You can purchase the physical Genki textbook, but that’s not exactly useful for online learning. Instead, you can take advantage of the Genki apps see more hints, which focus on vocabulary flashcards, kanji flashcard and conjugation flashcards.

  • Hold a monthly, weekly or daily contest where they can compete for a chance to win something- perhaps more in-game currency or getting the premium service for a week for free.
  • My wife uses the Spanish version and hasn’t had some of the problems I’ve had, so this review should only be relevant to those who want to study Hebrew.
  • They’ve basically created one language course, and translated the content into all other languages.
  • If you’re not yet familiar with Duolingo, the app is based on what they call ‘Duolingo trees’.
  • Just like every language learning program, Busuu does have a few drawbacks.

Additionally, learners can enroll in Coursera for college credit. There’s even financial aid for those who can’t afford to pay for it. While self-paced, enrolment is strict and classes are offered on a set basis. Missing the enrolment window means waiting for the next round of classes, just as with college courses. Similar to a college course, edX offers to connect students to one another utilizing a discussion board. If you’re a fan of online courses that function like college classes, edX comes about as close to mimicking them as possible without being an actual university course.

Learn Spanish Online

The lessons are quick and easy to understand and you move on once you are done. Whether you are just starting out or just want to brush up on your skills, Duolingo offers engaging lessons for everyone. Lirica takes the novel approach of using music – mostly in the form of memorable hit songs – to help you learn a language.

A solid alternative is Lingodeer, which was actually first developed with Asian languages in mind. For those that are mostly interested in the social aspect of digital language learning, HiNative, HelloTalk, and Tandem are all free resources that are worth looking into. There are 12 languages supported on the platform, and practice opportunities take place in the form of a variety of short activities that make up themed lessons.

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If you look at the market you’ll see that apps that offer all on one platform, as in learning how to speak, write and understand the language when being spoken to, are more popular. When you are thinking about how to create a language learning app, you also need to think about how to gain and retain clients who come back to the app again and again. With the gamification of the learning process, you will insert an element of fun in your app users will become addicted to.

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